The Most Viewed Cartoon Brew Posts of 2013

A few days ago, I shared some of my favorite Cartoon Brew posts from the past year. Today, we reveal the top 30 posts of 2013 based on the number of pageviews each post received. In other words, don’t blame us—you clicked on it!

The top three most-clicked posts of the year suggest the unpredictability of the animation community’s tastes: business, sex, and high culture, one right after the other. The overall list, however, is a surprisingly well-balanced portrait of Cartoon Brew’s content, and includes coverage of new animated projects (The Wind Rises, Wander Over Yonder, Frozen, Steven Universe), issues related to artists’ rights, historical finds, industry/business commentary, and some geeky cartoon kerfuffles. And one post made both our favorites and most-trafficked lists: “Max Headroom and the Strange World of Pseudo-CGI.” It’s from our thoughtful British correspondent, Neil Emmett.

And now, let’s begin our peek into the hive mind of the animation universe:

1. “Disney Just Gutted Their Hand-Drawn Animation Division”

(Note: With 308 comments, it was our most-commented post of the year. It was shared 2,296 times on Twitter making it the most tweeted Cartoon Brew post of the year, too.)

2. “SpongeBob XXX Parody”

3. “Listen to This Tom and Jerry Music Performed Like You’ve Never Heard Before”

(Note: This was shared over 36,000 times on Facebook making it our most Facebook-shared post of the year.)

4. “Rapunzel Cameo in Frozen Surprises The Director of Tangled

5. “Max Headroom and the Strange World of Pseudo-CGI”

6. “The Rise and Fall of the Funny, Sexy Cartoon Woman”

7. “PREVIEW: 2013 Animated Features”

8. “Breaking: Pixar Canada Just Shut Down; 100 Employees Let Go”

9. “James Baxter Teaches The Internet How To Draw Croods Porn”

10. “Disney’s Paperman Full Short Now Online”

11. “Fox Cancels The Cleveland Show

12. “First Look: Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar”

13. Frozen Head of Animation Says Animating Women is ‘Really, Really Difficult’”

14. “Disney Is Producing New Mickey Mouse Shorts and Premiered the First One Today”

15. “Watch the Wander Over Yonder Title Sequence”

16. Family Guy Accuses Bob’s Burgers of Being Poorly Drawn”

17. “Big Layoffs Looming at DreamWorks”

18. “Stephen Silver: ‘Stop Working For Free!’”

19. “Lost Disney Gag Drawings of Snow White Artist Discovered”

20. “Disney’s Crankiest Veteran is Still Cranky, And Thinks Walt Disney Was ‘A Shit’”

21. Kairos is the Most Exciting Hand-Drawn Animation You’ll See Today”

22. “Why Foodfight! Cost $45 Million And Was Still Unwatchable”

23. “Disney Will Release Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises

24. “First Stills From Disney’s Frozen

25. “Disney’s Princess Makeover of Merida Leads to Uproar and Petition”

26. “Sneak Peek: Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar”

27. “Rhythm & Hues To File For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Today”

28. Dexter’s Laboratory: ‘Rude Removal’”

29. “Did Disney Steal Alice in Wonderland Artwork from A College Student?”

30. Boats Explains How Animation Blockbusters Are Made”

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