Sponsor News: Bid on This Original “Song of the South” Model Sheet

Tomorrow morning, July 31st, auction house Profiles in History will be holding a massive auction of animation art with over 900 lots. Among the pieces available is an original model sheet of Br’er Rabbit from Disney’s rarely seen Song of the South (1946). It is estimated to sell for between $8,000-$12,000. Click on the image above for a closer view.

If you want to bid in the auction, visit the Profiles in History website. Below are a few other quirky items I enjoyed seeing in the catalog.

Promo artwork from Ralph Bakshi’s Hey Good Lookin’ (1982)

Publicity cel from Tex Avery’s last project, the Hanna-Barbera series The Kwicky Koala Show (1980)

Production background by Pete Alvarado from the Warner Bros. short So Much for So Little (1949)

Fan card signed by Max Fleischer (ca. 1930s)

Production cel and background from Officer Duck (1939)

A model sheet from King Leonardo and His Short Subjects

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