“The Customized Play” Is An Intriguing Indie Feature From South Korea

South Korean director Jin Sung Choi (Tom N Jerry, Entering the Mind Through the Mouth) is well into production of his first feature film, The Customized Play, which has a quirky storyline:

Chun Jaeyoung and Chun Yusun visit the unusual drama company, which produces the customized play for each client. They ask the boss of the troupe to make the play for their father, Chun Jongsik, who is having his 70th birthday. The boss creates the customized play through interviews with their father and his acquaintances. In the play, Chun Jongsik, experiences fiction and truth from the past, and realizes what he has done and what he has been feeling sincerely,and eventually faces the trauma that has harassed him.

The film is being made with a crew of just a half-dozen artists, but you’d never guess how small the team by looking at the film’s lush, complex visual style:

(via Catsuka)

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