In Memoriam: Members of the Animation Community We Lost in 2012

As we approach the end of another year, let us take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of the animation community members who we lost in 2012. Some of these people devoted their entire lives to animation while others worked in interrelated fields and only occasionally ventured into frame-by-frame territory. What they all share in common is that they enriched the art form in a unique and meaningful way.

Should you wish to explore the work of these people further, many of the names below are linked to more detailed posts about the life and work of the artist. If we have inadvertently omitted any names of animation community members who passed away in 2012, please let us know in the comments.

* Gerry Anderson
* Frank Andrina
* Dick Beals
* Iris Beckerman
* Jan Berenstain
* Lucille Bliss
* Ernest Borgnine
* Dave Borthwick
* Jack Bosson
* Ray Bradbury
* Dave Brubeck
* Richard “Kip” Carpenter
* Ernie Chan
* Kristine “Casey” Clayton
* John Coates
* Franco Cristofani
* Tissa David
* Patricia Disney
* Jim Duffy
* Jake Eberts
* Ethel Falkenberg
* Jean “Moebius” Giraud
* Edd Gould
* Karen Greslie
* Jim Hiltz
* Daphne Huntington
* Fyodor Khitruk
* Thomas Kinkade
* Peter Kranjcevich
* Joe Kubert
* Bob Lambert
* Ken Landau
* Nancy McCullough
* Don Markstein
* Rusty Mills
* Sheldon Moldoff
* Eileen Moran
* Conne Morgan
* Keiji Nakazawa
* Mark Nelson
* Margaret Nichols
* Rod Parkes
* Bretislav Pojar
* Buzz Potamkin
* Al Rio
* Geri Rochon
* Ken Sansom
* Mary Sarbry
* Maurice Sendak
* Mel Shaw
* Robert B. Sherman
* José Silverio
* Marcia Sinclair
* Dan Thompson
* Ken Walker
* Manon Washburn
* Run Wrake
* Uvon Young

(In memoriam image via Shutterstock)

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