Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Here are three books I want to bring to your attention – but note: These are strictly for the rabid toon-aholic on your holiday list.

Publisher Doug Ranney and author Rick Goldschmidt have decided to reprint their invaluable out-of-print book, The Enchanted World of Rankin/Bass. It has a new cover (see Pic above left, click to enlarge) and they’ve updated a few pages with some photos of the recently restored Santa & Rudolph puppets. It’s a limited edition hardcover and sells for $55 on Rick’s blog. Highly recommended if Rudolph, Frosty or Mad Monster Party rock your world!

BearManor Media has made their mark in the publishing world by printing books on obscure character actors, esoteric films and television shows and perhaps the strangest books on animation I’ve ever read. Case in point: Stronger Than Spinach: The Secret Appeal of The Famous Studios Popeye Cartoons by Steve R. Bierly (aka Pastor Steve). In case you haven’t seen Bierly’s websites devoted to 1940s and 50s Popeye cartoons and his personal obsession with Olive Oyl, today’s your lucky day: Click here. Now Pastor Steve has summed up his thoughts and feelings in this 325 page paperback. Recommended only for the Popeye fanatic who has everything!

Finally, BearManor Media has also published the autobiography – That’s Still Not All Folks! – of master impressionist and current voice of Daffy Duck, Sylvester and many other Warner Bros. cartoon characters, Joe Alaskey. It’s a delightful read… but Joe, with all the great artists you’ve worked with, did you really have to draw the cover yourself? Recommended for those who want to break into voice over acting, and those who want some behind-the-scenes dirt on the Warner Bros. cartoons since Mel Blanc’s passing.

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