Stop Motion Matinee

For those enjoying Fantastic Mr. Fox and all others who might want to catch up on the history of stop-motion animation, I’m happy to announce the release of Stop Motion Matinee from my friend Tom Stathes. This is his first professional release through his Cartoons On Film website. It comes complete with beautiful packaging designed by the infamous David Gerstein and produced in collaboration with Ray Pointer of Inkwell Images. This DVD collection is an exploration of early stop-motion animated films and includes high-quality transfers of these historic classics:

The Automatic Moving Company (Bozzetti, 1912)
Revenge of the Cameraman (Starewicz, 1912)
Dinosaur and the Missing Link (O’Brien, 1917)
Chip in the Land of Whiz (Kinex Studios, 1929)
Creation (O’Brien, 1931)
and concluding with Starewicz’s surreal mini-feature masterpiece, The Mascot (1933).

Read a full description, complete with synopses and images, and see a video trailer on Stathes’ blog. For ordering info visit

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