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Non-alcoholic Frozen beverage discontinued over “champagne-style packaging”

Here’s the US trailer for Only Yesterday

New sneak peek at Seth MacFarlane’s Bordertown revealed

Director Charlie Kaufman discusses creating Anomalisa

Happy “zoo” year; full trailer for Zootopia now online

First look at new Finding Dory characters

An Appreciation of Chuck Jones’ ‘One Froggy Evening’ On Its 60th Birthday

Sixty years ago on this day — December 31, 1955 — a short masterpiece was released into movie theaters: Chuck Jones’ One Froggy Evening. No one said anything at the time because hardly anyone ever said anything about animation at the time. Eventually the short gained its due recognition. “The Citizen Kane of animated shorts,” […]

Happy 60th Birthday, ‘One Froggy Evening’

wordless wonder, a masterpiece It’s impossible to improve on this cartoon’s perfection. Everything storytelling precision of Michael Maltese, the animation of Abe Levitow, Richard Thompson, Ken Harris, and Ben Washam, the musical direction of Milt Franklyn, Treg Brown’s sound effects the combination of Bob Gribbroek’s layouts and Phil DeGuard’s background paintings The post Happy 60th […]

Festival Review: New Chitose, The World’s Only Airport Animation Festival

Taking place entirely inside an airport terminal, New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival is a particularly refreshing festival that is not to be missed. The post Festival Review: New Chitose, The World’s Only Airport Animation Festival appeared first on Cartoon Brew.

Do Minions Celebrate Chanukah?

We may finally have a definitive answer to the age-old question: Are the Minions Jewish? The post Do Minions Celebrate Chanukah? appeared first on Cartoon Brew.