Monthly Archives: September 2015

Festival Report: In the Midst of Crisis, Animasyros Propels Greek Animation Industry

Greece doesn’t have much of an animation industry, but Animasyros aims to change that. Cartoon Brew reports from Greece on what their animation industry looks like today.

Al Jean hints that The Simpsons might be ending soon (but he’s done that before)

Pixar Artists Test Drive The Apple Pencil — What Do They Think About It?

Will animation artists incorporate the new Apple Pencil stylus into their production workflows?

Enchanted 2 re-titled Disenchanted

Iran’s Hoorakhsh Studio Creates “Pegasus” for King Raam

One of Iran’s leading animation studios, Hoorakhsh has created a new music video for King Raam.

Artist of the Day: Baptiste Virot

Discover the work of Baptiste Virot, Cartoon Brew’s Artist of the Day!

Ken Duncan Talks About Creating New Scenes for ‘The Iron Giant: Signature Edition’

“The Iron Giant: Signature Edition,” director Brad Bird’s remastered masterpiece of war, peace, and paranoia, returns to theaters this Wednesday and Sunday, with new scenes courtesy of Duncan Studio.

How Blue Sky channeled Charles Schulz for The Peanuts Movie

Inside the original pitch for Uncharted

Spielberg’s DreamWorks Studios considering a name change