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The Boov are a race of aliens on the run from their mortal enemy. They move from planet to planet trying to find the perfect hiding spot. Which obviously brings them to Earth. They relocate all the Humans to a single colony and take over the rest of the planet for themselves. But when the […]

DreamWorks Animation shares finally see a boost following release of Home

Musical Monday: Popeye Dance Party

Get down with the sailor man!

Has Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2 already been given a title?

Can Jerusalem put Israel on the global animation map?

Big Hero 6 wins Favorite Animated Film at 2015 Kids’ Choice Awards

DreamWorks Animation Hits A ‘Home’ Run

For DreamWorks Animation, “Home” is where the money is.

Artist imagines how Anna and Elsa would look in “real life”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson kicks butt in “trailer” for live-action Bambi

Artist of the Day: Louis Fratino

Discover the work of Louis Fratino, Cartoon Brew’s Artist of the Day!