Monthly Archives: December 2014

Hobbit continues to lead over post-Christmas weekend

‘The Unusual Discoveries of Captain Turkey Nose’ by BenniSteptoe

“The Unusual Discoveries of Captain Turkey Nose” is a collaborative project between illustrator Patrick Steptoe and animator Benjamin Agersted.

Nerdist picks their top five musical moments from Adventure Time!

Was 2014′s summer movie season the best we’ve had since the 80′s?

The Top 20 Stories of 2014 on Cartoon Brew

The American animation industry’s wage-fixing scandal received the most attention on Cartoon Brew this year, with three of our most viewed stories focused on that topic.

Artist of the Day: Fred Blunt

Today we look at the work of Fred Blunt, Cartoon Brew’s Artist of the Day!

A look back at The Muppet Christmas Carol

Tagtool Launches New Animation Creation App for iPad

OMAi has released Tagtool PLAY, an iPad app for creating “spontaneous animations” using simple gestures.

New Peanuts Movie poster

Teaser for Thunderbirds Are Go! reboot now online