Monthly Archives: January 2014

Frozen and Me now face less competition in Best Song category

A few weeks ago, many were surprised when the low-budget Christian movie Alone Yet Not Alone got a nomination for Best Song at the Oscars…especially since most people had never heard of the film before then. Now another shock comes with the news that Alone Yet Not Alone has been disqualified from the Academy Awards,¬†EW […]

Yes, This is A Computer Generated Character

Stockholm, Sweden-based vfx shop Important Looking Pirates created the impressive animation for this Aco skin care product commercial.

Exclusive: Nickelodeon Announces 2014 Animated Shorts Program

Nickelodeon has announced a call for submissions for its 2014 global Animated Shorts Program, which is designed to “identify and develop new animation talent and provide a platform for new content for kids.”

Disney Princesses Gone Mild

A recent blog post on the Guardian brings up a common misconception: that sexualizing Disney characters is somehow daring or cutting edge.

Why DreamWorks Animation Bought AwesomenessTV

If you’re still wondering why DreamWorks Animation spent $33 million last spring to buy the YouTube channel AwesomenessTV, an article about Netflix in the latest issue of the “New Yorker” offers an explanation that I found to be succinct and worth sharing.

Hal Sutherland, Filmation Co-Founder and Director, RIP

Hal Sutherland, the co-founder of the low-budget American TV animation studio Filmation, has died at age 85.

Angelina Jolie makes evil look beautiful in new Maleifcent trailer

Disney’s classic Sleeping Beauty doesn’t delve into the evil enchantress Maleficent’s past. After 55 years, Disney is revealing Maleficent’s backstory in a live-action movie starring Angelina Jolie as the wicked villainess and Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora. In the new film trailer from E! Online, Maleficent’s dastardly deeds are hinted at, including a battle and […]

Sony Pictures Imageworks India To Shut Down

Less than six years after opening, Sony Pictures Imageworks India will shut down.

Artist of the Day: Takao Nakagawa

Japanese illustrator Takao Nakagawa produces character-centric artwork that is published in magazines and books and painted as murals.

Should Google buy DreamWorks?

A columnist for The Motley Fool believes that the partnership Google and DreamWorks Animation recently sealed doesn’t go far enough, and they the search engine should outright buy the movie studio. “Google doesn’t just want to own YouTube for others to program… Google has invested directly in popular channels like Machinima and Vevo. It’s done […]