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Disney princesses may be better role models than some claim

Disney princesses take a lot of heat for being poor influences on little girls, because Disney associates them with fashion, make-up, etc. Some say it is easy to pick on the princess pantheon due to their dominance in media and merchandise, but the Voyages Extraordinaires blog published a (quite lengthy) critique on the Disney Princess line […]

Our Favorite Cartoon Brew Posts of 2013

The past 12 months have been one of the most exciting, transitional periods in Cartoon Brew’s nine-year history. Besides doing what we’ve always done—that is, writing about artists and films, and delivering up-to-the-minute and exclusive news and commentary—we also published more long-form pieces than ever before. Some loyal readers have preconceived ideas about the type […]

Frozen takes box office crown…for now

Frozen lead the box office yesterday with a take of $10 million, Box Office Mojo is reporting. That puts it virtually neck-and-neck with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which could still win the final weekend of the year when all is said and done. Whatever happens, Frozen is having a very impressive holiday break […]

Everything You Need to Know about Fanime

As you read this sentence, untold numbers of people around the world are uploading home-made videos to the Internet. Most will soon be forgotten, but some will stick around. Every so often, the amateur Internet videos that stick around will cluster together and form a genre. The Internet has nurtured a good number of film […]

Artist of the Day: Carter Goodrich

Carter Goodrich is an artist who creates illustrations for children’s books, editorial illustrations for magazines, and character designs for animated films. He has contributed designs to films such as The Croods, Brave, Open Season, and Finding Nemo, among others. Carter’s designs for Despicable Me appear to have been especially faithfully referenced in the final 3D […]

Criterion’s First Animated Feature Release in 20 Years: A Sign of Things to Come?

On February 18, 2014, the Criterion Collection will do something that they rarely ever do: release an animated film onto DVD/Blu-ray. The film is Fantastic Mr. Fox, Criterion’s first animated feature release since Akira in 1993. To give you a sense of how long ago that was, Akira was released on laserdisc since DVDs hadn’t […]

Christmas Nut Job trailer now online

Merry Christmas! A holiday-themed trailer for The Nut Job is now online and can be seen on Collider. And for those who missed it, a yuletide preview for Disney’s Frozen is also available on YouTube. The Nut Job opens January 17th, while Frozen is now playing in theaters everywhere.

“Stanley Pickle” by Vicky Mather

An encounter with a mysterious girl turns Stanley’s perfect wind-up world upside down. CREDITS Director: Vicky Mather Writer: Orhan Boztas (based on a story by Victoria Mather and Keaton Henson) Director of Photography: John Lee Production Design: Luke Hull Editor: James Griffiths Online Editor and Color Grader: Nikolas Almpanis Sound designer: Dario Swade Composer: Jean-Marc […]

Animation Books To Watch For in 2014

You’re probably still browsing through all the coffeetable art books you received for the holidays this year, but it’s never too early to start planning for next year’s animation-related tomes. We examined publishers’ catalogs and have identified some animation titles that you’ll want to check out in 2014. Not all of next year’s books have […]

First Paddington poster revealed

Yahoo! Movies has the first poster for the upcoming Paddington, which isn’t set to hit theaters until a year from now. The website also reveals that, although previous reports have indicated that Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman would play Paddington’s “parents,” those roles will actually be filled by Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins. Firth, in […]