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Artist of the Day: Lisa Keene

Frozen week continues on Cartoon Brew’s Artist of the Day. Lisa Keene could justifiably be called a Disney veteran. Her credits on Disney films date all the way back to 1985′s The Black Cauldron on which she was a background painter. On Frozen, Keene is credited as the film’s assistant art director. Keene’s challenge in […]

Listen to Lotte Reiniger and Rebecca Sugar Discuss Animation

For those of you still feeling sedentary after the holidays or just looking for some weekend inspiration, listen to these two interviews with Lotte Reiniger and Rebecca Sugar. They each have accomplished an important first in animation: Lotte Reiniger was the first woman to direct an animated feature, and Rebecca Sugar was the first solo […]

“Frozen” Talkback

Frozen, Disney’s 53rd animated feature, directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, opened in the United States this week. The Rotten Tomatoes critics’ score currently stands at 84%, which trails Tangled’s 89%. The film is bolstered by a 91% Rotten Tomatoes audience rating which is higher than Tangled’s audience rating of 87%. Critics have been […]

Artist of the Day: Bill Schwab

It’s Frozen week on Cartoon Brew’s Artist of the Day, and we’re continuing to feature artists who worked on Disney’s latest feature. Bill Schwab works as a character designer and visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios. On Frozen he is credited as supervising the character design work. His work contributed to several previous […]

“Jerky Turkey” by Tex Avery

It’s Thanksgiving so let’s enjoy Jerky Turkey, a classic 1945 MGM short directed by the one and only Tex Avery. The guns and violence need no explanation; they are as relevant (and American) as ever. But if you’re under the age of 75, you might need a guide to the short’s World War II-specific humor. […]

Watch Dean DeBlois Explain Motion Capture to President Obama

During President Barack Obama’s visit to DreamWorks Animation on Tuesday, How to Train Your Dragon 2 director Dean DeBlois offered a quick demonstration of how they use motion capture at DreamWorks: It’s not clear if Obama actually visited any animators to get a more accurate understanding of the animation process, but Katzenberg did present him […]

“Oru Burus” by Anton Brand, Guillaume Klein, Charlotte Quillet and Raphaël Théolade

Once upon a time, there was a little king who lost control of the sun… A Supinfocom graduation movie co-directed by Anton Brand, Guillaume Klein, Charlotte Quillet and Raphaël Théolade.

New Boxtrolls trailer showcases amazing and detailed work behind the film

Instead of revealing more of the film’s plot, the newest trailer for Laika’s Boxtrolls goes behind the scenes of how the film is made. Set to the tune “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands,” the trailer shows how the stop motion process requires intensive focus of detail from making the puppets’ clothing to […]

Not a surprise: Kaguya-hime dominates Japanese box office

As most Studio Ghibli films are prone to do The Tale of Princess Kaguya swept the box office by taking the number one spot. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the film earned $2.8 million in only two days. This is the first Studio Ghibli film released post-Hayao Miyazaki’s, the studio’s founder, retirement and the […]

Obama visits DreamWorks and “wants to work there.”

US President Barack Obama paid a visit to DreamWorks Animation Studios today to discuss the US economy, take a tour of the studio, and meet with big time supporter Jeffrey Katzenberg. There was speculation that Obama’s speech would be overrun with an audience in green shirts protesting visual effects jobs being outsourced, says Cartoon Brew. […]