Monthly Archives: June 2013

“Neighborhood Watch” by Mike Carlo

Mike Carlo’s new short Neighborhood Watch premiered last Friday at the Midsummer Night Toons screening in Manhattan. There is no question that Carlo, who directed the animation on the second and third seasons of Superjail! at Titmouse East, knows how to put together a slick cartoon that looks as good as anything on TV. He’d […]

“Monsters University” Top Box Office Again

Pixar’s Monsters University, directed by Dan Scanlon, held first place at the U.S. box office with an estimated $46.2 million in its second weekend. The film declined 44% weekend-to-weekend, a smaller drop than any Pixar film since Up. Its domestic total now stands at $171 million. Foreign box office results still to come.

Watch “Yodelberg”, The New Mickey and Minnie Short

Read more about Mickey. The new Mickey Mouse short Yodelberg premiered on the Disney Channel last night and is now online. The next new short New York Weenie will debut Friday, July 5th.

Artist of the Day: Laura Park

Laura Park is a cartoonist in Chicago who illustrates work with ink and color washes, and keeps detailed and personal sketchbooks. Her website is Laura shares many pages of her sketchbook drawings and personal diary-style comics on her Flickr account. The work is as humorously self-deprecating as it is accomplished. Other pages that aren’t […]

The Supreme Court Decision That Thrilled the Producers of “Monsters University” and “Toy Story 3″

With LGBT Pride festivities taking place all over the country this week, the San Francisco Gate got together with Pixar power couple Kori Rae and Darla K. Anderson to chat about their relationship, the recent Supreme Court strike down of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and the box office opening of Monsters University, which […]

Sponsor News: Bill Presing Pin-Up Show in LA Tonight

Pixar storyboard artist Bill Presing will unveil his new pin-up calendar Horoscope Honeys tonight, June 29th, at Gallery Nucleus (210 East Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801). Presing will be in attendance to sign the calendars. All thirteen original paintings featured in the calendar will be exhibited and available for purchase. Gallery Nucleus is actually holding […]

Open the door to The Art Of Monsters University!

With Monsters, Inc. in 2001, Pixar Animation Studios introduced audiences to the #1 scaring team, Mike and Sulley, and the monstrous world behind the closet doors of our bedrooms. In this prequel to the much-loved classic, Mike and Sulley meet at Monsters University, where they are joined by a few familiar faces and a host […]

An Interview with “Junkyard” Director Hisko Hulsing

My introduction to the work of Dutch filmmaker Hisko Hulsing happend in 2004 when I saw his nightmarish short Seventeen at Annecy. It took another eight years before Hulsing released a new short, Junkyard. His new film captures gritty urban realism in ways that have rarely been attempted before in animation. The film has racked […]

Call for Entries: CutOut Fest, Cinanima and Primanima

If you have a short film, take note of the following call for entries from these quality festivals: CutOut Fest in Querétaro, Mexico, Cinanima in Espinho, Portugal, and Primanima in Budaörs, Hungary. CutOut Fest will take place November 14-16 in Querétaro, Mexico. I want to enter simply based on their triptastic ‘call for entries’ video, […]

“Out on the Tiles” by Anna Pearson

Anna Pearson directed Out on the Tiles as a graduation film in 2010 at Edinburgh College of Art. The film evokes a surprising amount of pathos for its small-scale drama. Credit that to the finely observed personality animation. I could feel the character’s blurry and impaired thought process behind every action on screen. (via Stop […]