Monthly Archives: May 2013

Springfield is coming to Universal Studios

For years, Simpsons fans have wondered where exactly in the United States the hometown of their favorite characters is located. Now it would seem they have an answer: Springfield is in Orlando, Florida. EW is reporting that Universal Studios is building a Springfield-themed area around The Simpsons Ride, which will include a Krusty Burger, Moe’s […]

Artist of the Day: Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith (not to be confused with indie animator Pat Smith) is an artist whose work tends to be constructed of colorful objects as if toy construction and geometric block sets have assembled into new beings and landscapes. Patrick is the rare artist who is equally accomplished in the technical aspects of digital design and […]

Disney and Pixar set release dates for eight upcoming films

They’re a long way off, but Disney and Pixar have set release dates for eight untitled films, Collider tells us. With four movies coming from each studio, the dates start on March 4th, 2016 and end on November 21, 2018. Nothing is known about any of the projects in question at this point. The full […]

Blue Sky’s “Epic” Opened in 4th Place at the Box Office

Blue Sky’s Epic, directed by Chris Wedge, opened its U.S. box office run in fourth place with a respectable weekend take of $33.5 million. If you add in earnings from Monday, which was a holiday in the States, Epic’s 4-day total stands at $42.8M. The film was based on a story by children’s author/illustrator Bill […]

“Saari” Creators Distribute Their TV Show Through An iPad APp

A few years ago, I offered praise for a Spanish preschool series called Saari, created by Veronica Lassenius and directed by Pablo Jordi. Unfortunately, the show wasn’t easily viewable in many regions. Lassenius and Jordi, who are wife-and-husband, have solved that problem by releasing a new Saari app for iPads and iPhones to distribute episodes […]

Artist of the Day: Magic Sweater

The artist known as Magic Sweater lives in Melbourne, Australia. His illustration revels in its pop culture roots and his stylistic influences are worn on his cartoon sleeves with pride. Influences listed in correspondence with him include: “Classic Looney Tunes and Disney animation, Harvey comics, Archie comics, John Kricfalusi, Mad Magazine, Akira Toriyama (Dr. Slump, […]

New Walking With Dinosaurs trailer

A second trailer for Walking With Dinosaurs is now online and can be seen at First Showing. The preview consists of mainly footage from the film’s first trailer, with the difference being that this one is “narrated” by the movie’s leading dino. Although it will still look to many eyes like Dinosaur 2, the movie is […]

First banners for The Wind Rises now online

The first banners for Hayao Miyazaki’s upcoming animated feature The Wind Rises have made their way online and can be seen on Collider. Unlike previous Miyazaki efforts, which have largely been fantasy stories, this film will tell the real life tale of Jiro Horikoshi, who created the Zero Fighters used by Japan during World War […]

New Planes trailer takes flight

The newest trailer for Planes is now online and can be viewed over at Coming Soon. The Cars spin-off features the voices of Dane Cook, John Cleese, Teri Hatcher and more. Orignally set to go straight to DVD, Planes soars onto the big screen on August 9th.

Brigham Young’s Computer Animation Program Profiled in “NY Times”

Last weekend, the New York Times Sunday Magazine published a proile of the computer animation program at Brigham Young University. The school has gained a reputation in the last decade for its student films which are typically produced as group projects by the entire class, and thus exhibit high production values. (Some of these films […]