Monthly Archives: March 2013

Walt Kelly’s Even-More-Lost “Pogo” Storyboard

Here’s a little added-bonus to the recent post about Walt Kelly’s self-animated Pogo short.. Before he began animating, Walt Kelly laid out a complete storyboard of his planned Pogo special. He then made a Leica reel and recorded his voice over it. Of course, there is a lot more here then what ended up in […]

Nigerian Children Can Attend the Pinky and the Brain School

Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering? I think so, Brain, but why would a school in Nigeria name themselves after us? The pair of Warner Bros. mice may have failed in their countless attempts to take over the world, but they have proven successful in having a school in Abuja, Nigeria name itself the […]

“The Lindy Cubes” by Josep Bernaus

Barcelona-based Josep Bernaus gets a lot of mileage out of basic cube forms in his short The Lindy Cubes. The expressive movement was created in Maya with deformers. The tune is Slim Gaillard’s “Communication.”

Artist of the Day: Gary Leib

Gary Leib loves Halloween. Two years in a row Gary has created an original Halloween window installation at Desert Island in Brooklyn. Gary’s sketchbooks are full of grotesque faces and mutant monstrosities. Gary and Doug Allen are the artists behind the comic book Idiotland that was published by Fantagraphics in the mid ’90s. Gary also […]

Tippett Studios Lays Off 40 Percent of Its Staff [UPDATED]

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed today that the Berkeley-based VFX studio Tippett Studio has laid off 40% of its workforce, or approximately 50 employees. The 30-year-old vfx/animation studio, which was responsible for the animation in Seth MacFarlane’s Ted, has indicated the possibility of additional layoffs. Its full-time staff currently numbers around 100 people. UPDATE: Tippett Studio […]

Rotoscopers YouTube: Q&A Part 1

Morgan and Chelsea asked what you want to know and now they answer your questions! In this installment they discuss the greatness of DuckTales, Disney crossovers and spinoffs they’d like to see, and how to make animation appealing to more people.

RIP Norman “Stormy” Palmer

Another part of Disney history passed away March 23, 2013 at 94 from age-related causes. Instead of being behind the camera, Norman “Stormy” Palmer was part of the tail end of production as a film editor. For 45 years, Palmer worked at the Walt Disney Studios, working on the popular True-Life Adventure films as well […]

New posters for Planes, Monsters University

The first domestic poster for DisneyToon Studios’ Planes is now online, courtesy of Disney Insider. As with this international poster, the new one-sheet features Dusty Crophopper in a tight air race against the antagonistic Ripslinger. Meanwhile, the Internet Movie Poster Awards displays the latest seasonal poster for Monsters University, in which Sulley uses Mike as […]

Exclusive clip and interview for Adventures in Zambezia

Sony Entertainment released a new direct-to-video cartoon feature called Adventures in Zambezia in the US. The animated movie follows Kai, a young falcon who goes on the basic hero’s journey to find Zambezia, the legendary city of birds. His father is, of course, against the trip, but when evil lizards kidnap him, it is up to Kai and his […]

The Turkeys get exchanged for Free Birds

The new movie from Reel FX has changed its title from Turkeys to Free Birds, according to Animation Magazine. The movie is about two turkeys from different walks of life, who time travel to change the history of the first Thanksgiving. The movie will open the holiday movie season on November 1st, 2013. The film will […]