Monthly Archives: September 2012

Dreamworks “The Croods” teaser poster

Already one the most anticipated animated features coming in 2013, Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco’s The Croods keeps looking better and better with each new tease. Dreamworks’ released the first poster today (below) and its gorgeous. It’s also the first of their 20th Century-Fox releases – note the logo bottom right. In case you want […]

Behind the 2D Animated Titles of “The Pirates”

Last year Michael Schlingmann found himself designing and animating all the 2D sequences for Aardman/Sony’s The Pirates: Band of Misfits. I wish the whole sequence was online – it’s a real highlight in an already outstanding film – but for now, check Schlingmann’s Doodlepirates blog, illustrated in-depth with words, art and video (like the piece […]

First Smurfs 2 poster revealed

Moviefone has the first teaser poster for The Smurfs 2 now online. A first trailer for the film is expected to play in theaters with Hotel Transylvania on Friday, with the preview possibly appearing on the internet shortly beforehand. The sequel will send the Smurfs to Paris where they once again must deal with the bumbling […]

“Putty Boy Strut” by Cyriak

Putty Boy Strut is a new music video for Flying Lotus, animated by UK-based Cyriak Harris who teamed up with friend and illustrator Sarah Brown. “She made the robots and I made them go horrible.” ‘Horrible’ never looked so cool…

“Monsieur Flap” By Nicolas Athané And Brice Chevillard

Since I haven’t had a chance to post much in the past week, I can do no less than offer you a very special piece of animation: Monsieur Flap. CREDITS Directed by Nicolas Athané and Brice Chevillard Animation by Nicolas Athané, Brice Chevillard, Alexis Liddell and Françoise Losito Music: “Living In the Sunlight” by Tiny […]

“Pinched” by David Vandervoort

Pinched is an animated short with slick production values written and directed by David Vandervoort. He produced it in 2009 at Titmouse, but debuted it online just a few days ago. More recently, Vandervoort has worked as a character designer on the Laika feature ParaNorman.

“Things You’d Better Not Mix Up” by Joost Lieuwma

Netherlands animator Joost Lieuwma graduated in 2005 from the Utrecht School of Arts and since then has been working as a freelance animator in Utrecht. Here is his first independent film, Things You’d Better Not Mix Up, direct from the festival circuit. It’s slick and silly – but it won me over, with its clever […]

Bob Clampett remembered

Writer Chris Lukather has just posted a nice interview with Ruth Clampett which contains some new insights into her father – the legendary animator/director Bob Clampett. Bob, of course, created the Emmy award winning characters Beany and Cecil, as well as being one of the great Warner Bros. cartoon directors of the 30s and 40s, […]

Q&A with Disney director George Scribner

Disney feature director and Imagineer George Scribner is captured in Q&A mode by Kaki Flynn, in an eight-part session now posted to YouTube. With a 30-plus year career, he provides great advice and several never-before-heard behind-the-scenes stories, including anecdotes on the original director of The Lion King, Oliver And Company and the theme park rides […]

Animated Trailer for “Looper” by Noah Fisher and Zachary Johnson

An excellent piece of motion picture promotion, created by animator Noah Fisher and artist Zachary Johnson, for the upcoming Bruce Willis/Joseph Gordon-Levitt sci-fi action adventurer Looper: