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“Live2D” by Cybernoids

A new program by Japanese tech company, Cybernoids, could change the future of traditional animation… …or could be another CG shortcut to producing crap. I have no idea what we are looking at here. A software breakthrough or a cheat… It is described as “live interactive 3D images of a 2D character”. According to the […]

Animation Director LeSean Thomas: “You Have To Anticipate Failure If You Intend To Innovate”

LeSean Thomas, the supervising director and creative producer of Adult Swim’s Black Dynamite, spoke at TEDxSinchon about his experience moving to Seoul to work in South Korea’s animation industry. There’s nice nuggets of hard-won experience throughout. Cartoon Brew | Permalink | 3 comments | Post tags: Black Dynamite, LeSean Thomas, South Korea

Yu-Gi-OH-OH! A Veteran Anime Director Is Arrested For Massacre Threats

Japanese police in Osaka arrested 42-year-old animation director Masaki Kitamura today for allegedly threatening to drive a truck into random pedestrians and “then stabbing whoever I can with a knife before committing suicide.” Kitamura, who has directed or assistant directed animated series such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Wolf’s Rain and Mobile Suit Gundam 00, made the threat […]

William A. Emmons: The Disney Animator Who Almost Was

The old adage goes that history is written by the victors. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other stories worth telling. Recently, I’ve been in touch with the daughter of William A. Emmons. If you haven’t heard the name, that’s understandable. He worked in the animation industry for only three months. Bill Emmons started his […]

The AristoCats: Special Edition

Walt Disney Productions (December 24 1970), Walt Disney Home Entertainment (August 21 2012), Blu-ray and DVD, 79 mins plus supplements, 1080p high-definition 1.66:1 widescreen, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, Rated G, Retail: $39.99 Storyboard: Slinky feline Duchess (Eva Gabor) and her three pampered kittens, Berlioz, Marie and Toulouse, have it made when their eccentric Paris millionairess […]

Meet Field Report, The Coolest Band In The World

MTV caught up with the band Field Report to find out “what the f**k they’re looking at online.” I’m happy to report that they like cartoons! Cartoon Brew | Permalink | No comment | Post tags: Field Report

“The Cats of Mars Meet the Toy Car” by Jacob Stålhammar

Swedish illustrator/animator Jacob Stålhammar created this modern children’s fable, with stylized art, limited animation and a stock music score, evoking vintage 1950s TV cartoons (Col. Bleep anyone?) – and that’s why I dig it. Stålhammar wrote the basic story The Cats on Mars in 2004. With no clear plan to make a film, he then […]

Genndy Tartakovsky Talks “Hotel Transylvania”

Genndy Tartakovsky on making Hotel Transylvania: “I took all the aesthetics I like from 2-D and applied them here. I don’t want to do animation to mimic reality. I want to push reality. You want to have your own identity. You don’t want to have an expression that Pixar has. That was super important to […]

“Breadwinners” by Gary Doodles

Frantic, crazy stuff – the kind I like – by animator Gary Doodles and writer Steve Borst (Mad): Cartoon Brew | Permalink | One comment | Post tags: Gary Doodles

Ken Walker 1921-2012

Veteran Disney animator Ken Walker passed away last Saturday, August 18th, The Orange County Register posted his obituary on Wednesday. He was 91. Walker began working at Disney right after graduating High School in 1940. After two years he joined the Navy, and after the war rejoined Disney as an assistant. In the mid-1940s, he […]