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DO NOT MISS: Canemaker Lecture on the Hubleys at The Academy Sept. 14th

If you are in Southern California (or Northern California, the west coast or anywhere west of the Mississippi) you are summoned to what sounds like an incredible evening at the Motion Picture Academy in September. Oscar winning animator and acclaimed animation historian John Canemaker will present an illustrated lecture and screening of the lives and […]

Revisiting Cartoon Brew’s Crowdfunding Policy

Over two years ago, we instituted a strict “no links to crowdfunding” policy. In other words, we will never post links to any fundraising projects on Kickstarter, IndieGogo, or any other number of sites. If it’s a noteworthy project for reasons other than the creator needing money, we may write about it at a later […]

Bob Givens Redux

A couple days ago, I wrote about Bob Givens, the 94-year-old artist who designed Bugs Bunny in his debut short A Wild Hare. While I was writing that post, I ran across a couple items related to Givens that are worth sharing. The first is a newspaper clipping from the Alhambra Post-Advocate annoucing that 18-year-old […]

“Batman: Dark Knightfall” Trailer By Derek Kowk And Henri Wong

This fan-made animated Batman film uses stop motion toys that turn out to be just as emotive as the actors in the live-action feature films – maybe more so. Bravo to filmmakers Derek Kowk and Henri Wong. Cartoon Brew | Permalink | 2 comments | Post tags: Batman, Derek Kowk, Henri Wong

“ParaNorman” Posters

These striking illustrated posters promoting Laika’s latest film ParaNorman are being displayed around various US cities. I saw them in Manhattan yesterday. According to some of the artists who drew the posters for Mondo, passerby are free to grab them off the walls if they wish. Click on the images below for hi-res versions. Glen […]

Two New Shorts to Watch Out For

With the Ottawa festival on the horizon, here are the trailers for two new shorts just hitting the festival circuit that look quite intriguing. First up, from Connor Finnegan, a film about a bird with A Fear of Flying who tries to avoid heading South for the winter. Next, animator Leah Shore illustrates a conversation […]

Does Pen Ward Toot?

Kid President asks the tough questions that we all want to know. Cartoon Brew | Permalink | 5 comments | Post tags: Adventure Time, Kid President, Pen Ward, Pendleton Ward


Animation Block Party returns this weekend for its ninth edition. The three-day festival opens tonight with an outdoor screening on the lawn of the Automotive High School (50 Bedford Ave. at North 3th St. Williamsburg Brooklyn). Doors opens at 8pm, live music at 8:30pm, films at 9, and after-party at 11:30pm. Get your tickets HERE. […]

72 Years Ago Today: Bugs Bunny Was Born

Seventy-two years ago today — on July 27th, 1940 — Bugs Bunny appeared in Tex Avery’s A Wild Hare. The Warner Bros. short is widely considered to be the first definitive Bugs Bunny cartoon, in which the character’s appearance, personality and voice gelled as a whole. It’s also the first time Bugs, voiced by the […]

Jon Favreau Taking Things Slow With Magic Kingdom

Jon Favreau of the Iron Man movies is working on a new project: Magic Kingdom. It is, of course, another movie based off a Disney Park attraction, in this case a park itself. Rather than rushing off the make the picture, according to Collider, Favreau is taking his time to get the story right. For […]