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Katzenberg on Colbert Report

Jeffrey Katzenberg appeared on The Colbert Report yesterday in a valiant attempt to show that he has a sense of humor. Make note how Katzenberg backtracks on his recent comment about Clash of the Titans after he told Variety, “You cannot do anything that is of a lower grade and a lower quality than what […]

The Great Mouse Detective: Mystery In The Mist Edition

Walt Disney Pictures (July 2 1986), Walt Disney Home Entertainment (DVD Release), single disc, 74 mins plus supplements, 1.66:1 anamorphic widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1, Rated G, Retail: $19.99 Storyboard: Basil of Baker Street leaps to the rescue when young Olivia Flaversham’s toy maker father is kidnapped. Hot on criminal mastermind Professor Ratigan’s trail, Basil and […]

New Shrek Forever After clip

Yahoo!Movies has made available a new clip from DreamWorks Animation’s upcoming flick Shrek Forever After featuring Puss in Boots. Directed by Mike Mitchell, the final chapter in the Shrek series, Shrek Forever After hits theaters on May 21, 2010. Share this article with others:

Disney goes back to Canada with new Pixar shorts studio

After closing its previously owned DisneyToon studio in Toronto and cutting ties with The Wild producers CORE Animation, the Disney organization has returned again to Canada for the location of a new Pixar subsidiary. Launched yesterday, April 20, Pixar Canada will create short films based on their Toy Story and Cars characters for online and […]

REMINDER: CBTV’s Student Animation Festival Deadline

A reminder: only TEN days are left to send in submissions for Cartoon Brew TV’s Student Animation Festival. Visit our festival page for rules and submission information. We have received several dozen entries to date from the US, Canada, and across Europe and Asia, and we are delighted not only by the number of submissions […]

MAD Cartoons coming to Adult Swim

Pssst… I just found out Cartoon Network will be announcing a new animated MAD show at their upfront presentations tomorrow in New York City. It’s a Warner Brothers production, helmed by Peter Girardi (Funny Garbage) and head writer Kevin Shinick (Robot Chicken), featuring animated cartoons by classic MAD artists like Don Martin and Sergio Aragones, […]

The Smile and Penny Show

Here’s the opening to The Smile and Penny Show, a web series created by Hobo Divine. His collaborator on the project is Mike Geiger. Super-limited animation of the Roger Ramjet variety isn’t easy to make look right, and few do it better than Hobo Divine so naturally I’m curious to see what he does with […]

Disney fashion spread in Spanish Elle magazine

The April 2010 issue of Elle Spain features a terrific ten-page fashion spread featuring fashion designers reimagined as Disney characters – drawn by the great Ulrich Schroder. Trendland has posted the spreads online: click here. (Thanks, Manny Aguilera)

Suspended Animation Gallery

We are long overdue in giving a plug to the Suspended Animation Gallery, an online art collection of pieces produced by Disney animation artists, done on their own time, reflecting their own personal inspirations and in created in a medium of their choice. This unique gallery offers the paintings and sculpture for sale. Among the […]

Mickey Cake Disasters

A collection of endearingly malformed Mickey Mouse cakes can be found at Cake Wrecks. I had a tough time deciding which Mickey cake to include in this post (and I use the name “Mickey” loosely), but the one above sums them up pretty well. (Thanks, Sarah de Gaudemar via Twitter)