Monthly Archives: February 2010

Final How to Train Your Dragon trailer

The final trailer for DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon can now be found online over at Yahoo! Movies. The animated adventure comedy, featuring the voices of Jay Baruchel, Gerald Butler and America Ferrera, is set to breath fire in theaters and IMAX 3D on March 26th.

Animated Review of Avatar

No word on who did this elaborate animated review of Avatar. I particularly like how they used the same performance capture animation technique as the film itself. Stats on YouTube show that the video is very popular in New Zealand, but word on the street is that it’s not WETA. Hmmm . . . (Thanks, […]

Lionel Jeffries RIP

Caractacus Potts’ father has gone off for his last cup of tea with the maharajah: British actor and director Lionel Jeffries has died aged 83. Most remembered on screen for portraying Dick Van Dyke’s dad in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Jeffries was a fine actor, perhaps more famous for his comic roles (Two Way Stretch, […]

Bob Peterson Talks Dogs and Dug

Bob Peterson, the co-director of UP and voice of Dug, is interviewed by Glenn Close about his affection for dogs. He offers some good details on how he developed the personalities of the dog characters in UP.

Oscar goes Blu!

February 24, 2010 — Current reviews, and the return of the annual Animated Views Oscar Contest! Far from being his universally known golden color, the Academy Award turns Blu this year for our annual Animated Views Oscar Contest, in which we’re ready to give away no less than seven Blu-ray Disc combo packs to the […]

Rudy Larriva (1916-2010)

Variety is reporting that veteran Warner Bros. director Rudy Larriva passed away last Friday Feb. 19 in Irvine, Calif. He was 94. Larriva, an animator for nearly six decades, worked primarily at Warner Bros. in the 1930s and 40s, recieving animation credit on several cartoons including the seminal Chuck Jones cartoon, Elmer’s Pet Rabbit (1941). […]

FREE EBOOK: Zim’s Cartoons and Caricatures Part 15 of 20

This is the fifteenth of twenty posts where we plan to post a complete set of high resolution scans of Zim’s Cartoons & Caricatures, or Making The World Laugh (1910). These 100 pages are packed with great cartoons, helpful drawing tips, technical information and business advice for the aspiring cartoonist. Most importantly, Zim passes along […]

Beyond Yellow

The Animation Guild is hosting its second-ever art opening at its new Gallery 839, on Friday, March 5th, from 6 pm to 9 pm. The gallery is located in the new Guild building at 1105 N. Hollywood Way (between Magnolia and Chandler) in Burbank. The show is called Beyond Yellow and showcases the work of […]

¡Andale! ¡Andale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! Speedy Gonzales races to the big screen

New Line has announced, via The Hollywood Reporter, that George Lopez is set to voice a contemporary Speedy Gonzales in a new CG/live-action hybrid written by the Garfield duo of Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen. Story details, which point to a plot that sees “Speedy befriending a gun-shy race-car driver”, and the producers’ take on […]

Clips and Reviews of Sylvain Chomet’s The Illusionist

Sylvain Chomet’s The Illusionist easily tops my list for most anticipated animated feature of 2010 (sorry Tangled). The film premiered to raves last week at the Berlin International Film Festival, and the Pathé Distribution website lists a May 5, 2010 release date, which I believe is for France. Pathé is also handling UK distribution, though […]