Monthly Archives: February 2010

Early review for How To Train Your Dragon

An early review of How To Train Your Dragon, in which the author describes a positive experience with the film, can be read at Filmonic. “…Overall I had a really fun time with this movie,” states the writer. “The characters aren’t as fully rounded as I’d like, but the breathtaking visuals and fun tone of […]

Man arrested for posting Dreamworks billboard in Hollywood

Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon got a little unintended publicity this weekend in Hollywood. A man alleged to have put up a large, “supergraphic” billboard in violation of Los Angeles city law was arrested and held on $1 million bail over the weekend. The massive movie ad was draped over a 1927 building on […]

The Sunday Funnies (2/28/10)

From the top: Brewster Rockit (2/26/10) by Tim Rickard, The Argyle Sweater (2/27/10) by Scott Hilburn, and Off The Mark (2/23/10) by Mark Parisi (Thanks to our usual crew of comic strip mavens: Uncle Wayne, Jim Lahue, Charles Brubaker, John Hall and Jed Martinez)

Coloring the Kingdom: Disney’s ink and paint girls

Researching through the golden age of Walt Disney, starting from the first animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, to the other 30s and 40s classics, such as Pinocchio, Fantasia and Bambi, Vanity Fair takes a look back at as many as 100 of those young women, the inkers and painters, working from dawn […]

The opening montage of Up

Up director Pete Docter discusses the film’s emotional opening montage with The Envelope. The largely silent sequence takes Carl and his beloved, Ellie, from childhood to old age, giving him a reason to fly his entire house to South America.

Spongebob Little Golden Book

Regular Brew readers are aware that I collect old Little Golden Books relating to animation and have frequently mentioned my admiration of the recent “retro-stylized” Golden Books for current Disney and Pixar films. Add Nickelodeon to the watch-list. I just discovered Mr. Fancypants, a Spongebob Squarepants tie-in, at my local Barnes and Noble last night. […]

Bird Idol

If you thought this week’s Speedy Gonzales news was bad… Warner Bros. has now teamed with Bollywood to create Bird Idol: (Thanks, Aaron Simpson)

Cartoons in Cinemascope

Next Tuesday, at my usual monthly screening at The Silent Movie Theater, I’ll be running a great selection of 1950s cartoons in widescreen CinemaScope. I will be showing rare 35mm and 16mm prints – many in Technicolor. Among the titles being screened will be Ward Kimball’s Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom and the Donald Duck […]

A Free Animation Book Idea For You

Concept art from John Hubley’s Finian’s Rainbow This repost of John Canemaker’s article about John Hubley’s unproduced feature Finian’s Rainbow reminded me of a book idea I’ve had for years. With my full plate of writing, editing, and creative directing various book projects, I know I’m never going to get around to doing this book, […]

Early review for Alice in Wonderland

Variety has one of the very first reviews for Disney’s much anticipated Alice in Wonderland movie. The response, however, is lukewarm at best, with the critic saying that the film “has its moments of delight, humor and bedazzlement. But it also becomes more ordinary as it goes along, building to a generic battle climax similar to […]