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Whatever happened to Hoodwinked Too?

And most of you are asking “Who cares?” The original Hoodwinked had art direction and character design that were – let’s face it – piss poor, but I enjoyed the film nonetheless. It had a funny, clever script with good performances — and took me (and a whole lot of other people) by surprise, grossing […]

For the Birds Controversy

The Internet which is always looking for a good controversy is trying to stir one up over a Pixar short. pointed out a recent survey on Rotten Tomatoes that asks whether Ralph Eggleston’s For the Birds (2001) resembles a CalArts student film from 1993 called Small Fry. The director of Small Fry is Stevie […]

War Of The Animated Worlds

The Asia-Pacific edition of Animation Express reports on the release of War Of The Worlds: Goliath, a new 2D/3D animated feature set for DVD and limited theatrical engagements. Produced in the “steampunk” style that meshes Japanese anime with a Western visual approach, the film has been executive produced by Heavy Metal magazine publisher Kevin Eastman […]

Kanizsa Hill by Evelyn Lee

A man is shot and can only survive as a head and a body who exist independently from one another. The forgetful body desperately collects souvenirs, while the head is lost in a series of illusions. Evelyn Lee made Kanizsa Hill as her graduate thesis film for the Experimental Animation Program at CalArts. It has […]

Cartoons of 1939 blog

Film historians have declared the year 1939 the pinnacle of Hollywood movie making. But what about the cartoons? Cartoon buff Ted Watts is reviewing all 158 Hollywood cartoon short subjects (and one feature) produced in that banner year, 70 years ago, one at a time in release order, on a new blog called Cartoons of […]

Imagi Shuts Down US Studio

Imagi, the studio responsible for the TMNT and Astro Boy features, has shut down their American studio in Sherman Oaks, California. The company, which is still working on a Gatchaman feature, has been struggling both at the box office and in its financial operations. From Imagi International Holdings Ltd has announced large scale review […]

iPad as an Animation Tool?

Like so many others, I was eagerly anticipating Apple’s iPad, but the device falls shorts in many areas, including in its usefulness to the animation community. As it relates to animation, it appears to me that its two biggest deficiences are: — lack of stylus input, which means no animating on the device — lack […]

Filmography: UPA’s Man On The Land 1951

This post is just the tip of the iceberg… see reason number 7 on our The Top Ten Reasons To Support The A-HAA for links to more great cartoons to study. We received a surprise in the mail today from Archive supporter James Tucker- a DVD of great fifties industrial films, including UPA’s groundbreaking Man […]

Kung Fu Magoo emerges on DVD

It’s been over a year since we heard anything about Classic Media’s attempt to revive Mr. Magoo in something called Kung Fu Magoo. Our friends at TVShowsOnDVD now report that Vivendi Entertainment will release the film direct-to-video on May 11th. (Click image at left to see box art). The 80-minute feature, produced at Mexico’s Anima […]

DreamWorks planning for a big year

The Hollywood Reporter looks at DreamWorks’ big year ahead, where they will become the first studio to release three CG animated films in the same calendar year. Many investors are predicting good things for this strategy — in fact DreamWorks stock hit an all-time high last week. But some analysts are warning that these levels […]