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Meet Dan Lin, Clueless Producer of CGI Tom & Jerry Pic

The only thing worse than knowing they’re making a live-action/CG hybrid of Tom & Jerry is reading an interview with the film’s producer and finding out that he’s completely ignorant about the characters and animation in general. That’s the disappointing discovery I made when I stumbled across this interview with Dan Lin. He displays his […]

Little Nemo, The Muppet Movie among those added to National Film Registry

Little Nemo, The Muppet Movie, Quasi at the Quackadero, The Red Book, and Scratch and Crow were added to the National Film Registry according to the head of the Library of Congress, James Billington. Each year the Librarian of Congress, advised by the National Film Preservation Board, selects up to 25 films that are culturally, […]

My Favorite Post of 2009

Here is my pick for my favorite article of 2009. As we reach a new decade, I think it’s appropriate to look back to… THE FUTURE OF THE DISTANT PASTLast week, I posted an article on James Montgomery Flagg’s “Nervy Nat”, a comic strip that ran in Judge magazine from 1903 to 1907. The page […]

Worldwide box office for Avatar: $700 million in 12 days!

20th Century Fox’s Avatar has become a blockbuster on an epic scale…and at a very fast rate, too. According to the studio, the movie has already earned a jaw-dropping $700 million worldwide, with $250 million of that number coming from the US. Things have also continued to be good for Fox at the box office […]

Help the Hodges Charity Auction

The son of animation artist Tim Hodge was in an auto accident last August. The situation is difficult for the Hodge family, whose son remains in a coma today. Tim explained on his blog: As you may not realize, our short term insurance expired in September. The rest of the family could renew, but Matt […]

The Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera

We posted the centerpiece of this animation back in 2006, but here is an expanded version featuring the pre-show with Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera. Boy is this script corny, but the animation is fantastic, full (maybe too full) and at this point, quite nostalgic. The character animation for The Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera […]

New Still from Disney’s Rapunzel

A new image from Disney’s Rapunzel. Click on it for the full image. If the goal was to fit every color, texture, and pattern known to mankind into one frame, then they’ve succeeded. (via

Bomb Threat at DreamWorks

Some people at DreamWorks were sent home today because of a bomb threat at the studio. They later discovered it was just the trailer to the next installment of Shrek. Seriously though, studio employees are writing about the bomb threat on Twitter. UPDATE: According to Arthurk192, “Authorities have determined that the package was not a […]

New Rapunzel image

SlashFilm points to a new image from Disney’s upcoming animated fairy tale Rapunzel. It’s hard to tell if the image is an actual still from the film or just concept art, but it’s worth checking out either way. Rapunzel hits theaters next Thanksgiving.

National Film Registry selects Little Nemo

Each year the National Film Preservation Board of The Library of Congress names 25 “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant films to the National Film Registry, a collection of movies selected to be preserved for all time. In previous years, Chuck Jones’ What’s Opera Doc?, Bob Clampett’s Porky In Wackyland, Fleischer’s Snow White (1933), Pixar’s Toy […]