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Chuck Jones’s Influnce in Disney’s Latest Pic

Oswald Iten has a sweet and short observation on his blog Colorful Animation Expressions about how Eric Goldberg is incorporating a bit of Chuck Jones’s drawing flair into his design of Louis in The Princess and the Frog.

The Sunday Funnies 11/29

This week’s round-up of animation-related comic strip gags: Mark Tatulli’s Lio from Friday Nov. 27th. Mike Peter’s Mother Goose and Grimm from Wednesday November 25th. Above: Arlo and Janis from last Sunday November 22nd. Click panel above to read entire strip. Below: Scott Hilburn’s Argyle Sweater from Friday, 11/27. If you spot a national comic […]

Lost UPA Cartoon: Howdy Doody and his Magic Hat

Gene Deitch has written this plea before, but he’s not ready to give up hope. The first cartoon he ever directed – for UPA no less – is apparently a lost film. Writes Gene: “The short animated film that I consider my seminal work appears to be lost and gone forever. It is not listed […]

Best Picture Oscar for an animated flick?

An interesting article on brings up the topic of a possible Best Picture Oscar nomination for one – or even several – of the animated films that were released within the past year. The story brings up several good points as to why this might be a possibility, gesturing towards elements such as the […]

Stop Motion Matinee

For those enjoying Fantastic Mr. Fox and all others who might want to catch up on the history of stop-motion animation, I’m happy to announce the release of Stop Motion Matinee from my friend Tom Stathes. This is his first professional release through his Cartoons On Film website. It comes complete with beautiful packaging designed […]

Pinups: Meet Doug Sneyd

This post is just the tip of the iceberg… see reason number 9 on our The Top Ten Reasons To Support The A-HAA for links to more great pinup art.Here’s a gift that I’ve taken much too long to acknowledge… Last Summer, Archive supporter, Sean Worsham donated a great book of unpublished cartoons by Playboy […]

How the Grinch (and an ogre) Stole Christmas

On Monday night, ABC will air two animated holiday specials starting at 8pm/7c. First, the classic holiday cartoon How the Grinch Stole Christmas will recieve its annual TV airing. Following this will be the not as beloved but still ratings friendly Shrek the Halls, the DreamWorks animated special from 2007.

Huge weekend ahead for The Princess and the Frog?

It may only be playing on a handful of screens this weekend, but The Princess and the Frog is still expected to be huge, largely thanks to the higher prices that Disney is charging for tickets. The film marks the first time that the studio has released an animated movie in limited release before its wide run since […]

Bunin’s Alice

It’s becoming an annual tradition in Los Angeles – just as last year, the Cinefamily/Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax Ave. is running the classic Lou Bunin stop motion/live action Alice In Wonderland. Made in 1949, but released in 1951, the film was originally suppressed by Disney for fear of its potential upstaging of their own […]

Ruby-Spears’ Superman: DC Comics Classic Collection

Ruby-Spears Enterprises (1988), Warner Home Video (November 3 2009), 2 discs, 309 mins plus supplements, 1.33:1 original full frame ratio, Dolby Digital Mono, Not Rated, Retail: $26.98 Storyboard: The Man Of Steel returned to the television screen in time for his 50th Anniversary in 1988, in a series of popular but rarely re-shown exploits. Featuring […]