Monthly Archives: September 2009

There are Pixar fans, and then there are Pixar fans

This guy really likes Pixar. What else can you say? Click on the picture to see the tattoos up close.

Angel Vitamina

This is an absolutely beautiful teaser trailer for a proposed feature by a group of Argentine animators. Diego De Rose and his grupo at Wujoco Animation sent us the trailer along with this introduction: WUJOCO was formed by a team of professional animation artists who were determined to fuse their skill in the craft, as […]

Princess and the Frog Little Golden Book

I collect all the Pixar and Disney Little Golden Books because they usually feature incredible artwork by the studio’s best artists. And the price is right too, only $3.99. The uber-talented Lorelay Bove illustrated the latest one based on The Princess and the Frog and she’s offering a tiny sneak peek on her blog. It’ll […]

Jules Engel DVD

We’ve posted often about Jules Engel, and now the iotaCenter has released a DVD of his later, rarely seen experimental works. Jules Engel: Selected Works, Volume I is a collection of fifteen animated films from the famed artist, animator and educator. Engel, who started as a inbetweener on Columbia Krazy Kat and Scrappy cartoons, went […]

Comics: Basil Wolverton On Cartoon Sounds

This post is just the tip of the iceberg… see reason number 2 on our The Top Ten Reasons To Support The A-HAA for links to more great posts about print cartoonists. Last week, archive supporter Marc Schirmeister stopped by with a stack of rare fanzines from the late 1960s and early 70s. Included among […]

Combo by Blu and David Ellis

Chances are you’ve seen this film on every other site this week, but Combo, the latest work by Blu (Muto) and David Ellis is an epic mindtrip. Created in just under a week at the Fame festival in Italy.

Britain’s Health Cartoon Contest

Britain not only has universal health care, but their National Health Service is supporting animation with a competition to find a new cartoon spokesperson. Five finalists have now been chosen and the NHS has posted them online for public feedback. You can view the films on shortlist here – and scroll down to see a […]

Here Comes Science

Here Comes Science is a new album of science-related children’s songs by They Might Be Giants. The dvd that is included with the package offers an animated short for each of the nineteen songs. The videos were clearly made on a budget, and some of them suffer for that, though there are plenty of good […]

Dead All Along

“Enchanted by a pixie, a child called Yorick enters a magical kingdom, but when Yorick returns he finds his world ravaged by time.” Another nice music video by Giles Timms, this time set in a hand drawn pen and ink world inspired by Edward Gorey and animated in a cut-out style. Compositing and animation in […]

How to see Mary and Max

In case you were wondering what happened to a U.S. release of Adam Elliot’s clay animated feature Mary And Max… The film was finally picked up for US distribution by Sundance Selects, a video-on-demand service that’s an adjunct to the Sundance Channel and the Sundance Film Festival. The film will be available to purchase and […]