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Blow Me Down!

This year, Popeye celebrated his 80th birthday (his first comic strip appearance was on January 17th, 1929). This painting, from 2007 by monster-movie make-up guru Rick Baker, shows what the sailor-man would actually look like at this age. Pretty disturbing. (Thanks, Doran Gaston)


I am not sure if this French production, Baidir, is a proposed TV series or a feature film – but it’s damn nice looking:

A Soothing and Magical Cartoon

Following the contentious Ottawa poster debate that spanned across eight or so blogs, I think we all need something soothing and magical in our lives. We could use a little Whale Magic. The Olde English Blog does a nice job of explaining why this is the BEST THING EVER.

An Animation Poster we can all agree on

Nina Paley designed this year’s poster for Asifa-International’s annual International Animation Day. It communicates the idea beautifully, agreed? For a larger download, or a textless version, click here.

El Superbeasto theatrical screenings Sept. 12th

A “One Night Only” theatrical screening of The Haunted World of El Superbeasto is set for September 12th in about 50 movie theaters across the country. In LA it’s playing at the Mann Chinese 6. In New York, it’ll be at the Chelsea Cinemas. Most theatres are running the animated feature as a midnight show. […]

FREE EBOOK: Zim’s Cartoons and Caricatures Part 02 of 20

This is the second of twenty posts where we plan to post a complete set of high resolution scans of Zim’s Cartoons & Caricatures, or Making The World Laugh (1910). These 100 pages are packed with great cartoons, helpful drawing tips, technical information and business advice for the aspiring cartoonist. Most importantly, Zim passes along […]

Ivete Stellar

Calling George Lucas! Forget the fight between Avatar and Delgo – this Brazilian feature, currently in production at Cacomotion, looks like knock-off of The Clone Wars.

Merchandise: 1930s Looney Tunes Placemats

Here’s a week full of Looney Tunes fun courtesy of Archive supporter, Mike Fontanelli. Check out these great placemat designs from the late 30s! Thanks, Mike! Stephen WorthDirectorASIFA-HollywoodAnimation Archive.

Hi Diddle Diddle (1943)

For the sake of film history, I’ll occasionally seek out odd bits of animation contained in obscure Hollywood movies and post them here – so you don’t have to. Previous postings in this series included Dave Fleischer in Trocadero (1944), and the Leon Schlesinger animation sequences in When’s Your Birthday? (1937) and She Married A […]

Sheridan Instructor Attempts Art Criticism (and Fails)

In my mind, the worst quality a teacher can have is to be close-minded because that narrow interpretation of good and bad is passed on to an entire generation of young artists at a critical time when they should be learning, growing, and exploring. That’s why I shuddered when I read this post on Sheridan […]