Monthly Archives: April 2009

Waltz with Bashir DVD in June

DVDActive reports that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced DVD and Blu-ray releases of Waltz with Bashir on 23rd June. The disc will feature widescreen version of the film along with Hebrew and English 5.1 tracks. Extras will include a directors commentary, a Q & A with Director Ari Folman, and 2 featurettes: “Surreal Soldiers: […]

Aardman, Sony begin production on two new films

According to Animation World Network, Aardman has begun the production process on their next two animated feature films, Pirates! and Aurthur Christmas. Though Pirates! will be animated in Aardman’s traditional stop-motion style, Aurthur Christmas will be a CGI feature due to the massive scale of the high-tech world portrayed in the picture. Both films will […]

The Milt Kahl event

Last night’s Milt Kahl tribute at the Motion Picture Academy was a huge (though a bit long) success – if you got into the theater. Those inside were treated to a wonderful art exhibit of Kahl drawings, model sheets and cels from scenes he’d animated. Everyone got a commemorative poster and program brochure. The screening […]

“Hummingbirds” for Kopparberg Tropical Cider

Finnish studio Anima Boutique produced this series of refreshingly stylized CG spots for Kopparberg cider drinks. The director and designer of the spots, Eliza Jäppinen, tells me that they “were lucky enough to work with an art director, agency and clients who wanted something new, and also meant it.” She first created a series of […]

Cartoon Dump Tonight!

In case you thought I forgot to plug this month’s performance of Cartoon Dump… you’re wrong! Here’s the plug! This month we will have two surprise guest comedians joining Moodsy, Compost Brite, Cue Card Goddess and me tonight at 8 PM, for an evening of comedy, songs and really, really awful cartoons. Join us at […]

ANIME! High Art – Pop Culture

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in association with Deutsches Filmmuseum in Franfurt Germany, will be presenting an exhibit of original anime art in their Beverly Hills HQ lobby and 4th Floor Gallery. From May 15th through August 23th, the Academy will present ANIME! High Art – Pop Culture featuring collectors items and […]

David Gerstein’s Blog

The blurry image above is a frame from the “lost” ending to the early Bugs Bunny cartoon Hare-um Scare-um. David Gerstein found the missing sequence while researching this title recently at a major film archive — and now he’s written a post about how he discovered it on Ramapith: The Prehistoric Pop Culture Blog, his […]

Pixar’s Partly Cloudy

Here’s a brief clip from the new Pixar short that will accompany Up in theatres: (via Fire Wire)

My Favorite “Hurt” Gag

It’s been acknowledged by the creators of The Simpsons that the blood-thirsty antics of Itchy and Scratchy were inspired less by Tom & Jerry and more by the violent situations of Herman and Katnip. By the 1950s, the writers at Paramount’s Famous Studios were suffering from cartoon fatigue — endlessly rewriting and redrawing the same […]

Last Part of Amid’s Book Sale

I’ve posted the last part of my 2009 animation and cartoon book sale. Rare goodies straight ahead on the book sale page.