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CG Blogging

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. Since November, blogger Dave Stratton has been posting in the form of “daily dialog-driven animation.” Stratton prefers to create these pieces instead of writing. Oh, have I mentioned Stratton is a professional copy writer. He certainly isn’t a professional animator. Check out all his posts at Dead Pan […]

Chaotic Tom & Jerry commercial

Tom and Jerry have always represented chaos — but this Indian commercial is mind-numbing in its confusion. Here, Tom & Jerry join forces with Bollywood mega-star Kajol and Alpenliebe candy mascot, the crocodile Mr. Mach. The animation was produced by Black Magic Motion Pictures and directed by Abhijit Chaudhuri. The 3D crocodile animation was produced […]

Pixar vs. DreamWorks

I’m still confused. Which studio’s films does this guy like more? (Thanks, Karim)

25 Animation Twitters

Did you know that Adventure Time creator Pen Ward drinks Shasta Cola in the bathtub? How about that Sony animator Kim Hazel wants a remote control airplane? Or that even Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane can’t get decent customer service from AT&T? If you love useless minutiae about the lives of other people, Twitter can […]

Caricature: The Genius of Miguel Covarrubias

This post is just the tip of the iceberg… see The Top Ten Reasons To Support The A-HAA for more jaw dropping examples of classic illustration. Miguel Covarrubias was one of the most famous artists of his day, but chances are you’ve never heard of him. Caricaturists know his work- Al Hirschfeld studied under Covarrubias […]

Read This Post…

…if you enjoy Tex Avery, Virgil Partch, Roy Williams, Billy Barty and Spike Jones. Mark Evanier has a must-read story that ties all these folks together.

Hollywood’s Greatest Year: 1939

This summer, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will be running a film series on Monday nights showcasing the ten (yes, 10) Best Picture nominees of 1939. It’s the 70th Anniversary of what many consider the Hollywood’s greatest year. The celebration will include restored prints of such films as Mr. Smith Goes To […]

New Planet 51 poster

A new low-quality poster for Planet 51 has appeared on the web, and can be seen at LatinoReview. Planet 51, which tells the story of an American austronaut who gets stranded on an alien world, is schedualed to hit theaters on November 20th, 2009.

Oddball Sixties Disney Industrial Films

The Social Side of Health and The Fight are a couple of oddball industrial films directed by Nine Old Man Les Clark at Disney in 1969. The films are rarities which I’d never seen, which is why I’m posting them here. There’s a reason though why these haven’t appeared on any of the “Disney Treasures” […]


Dreamworks had a very good weekend. A $58 million dollar opening for Monsters Vs. Aliens was the biggest opening weekend gross this year and generating the third highest March gross on record. It also set a record opening for a 3-D film in digital and IMAX screens. Even more impressive was the debut of the […]