Monthly Archives: February 2009

New Up, Terra posters and photos

Recently released images for Up and Battle For Terra can now both be seen on ComingSoon. The first, which features a canine character in Up, can be found here. Meanwhile, the new poster for Terra is available here, while a photo gallery for the film can be viewed here.

Tom & Jerry: Chuck Jones Collection DVD in June

DVDActive reports that Warner Home Video has announced the release of Tom & Jerry: Chuck Jones Collection dvd on 23rd June. The 2-disc set will include 34 remastered shorts and 2 bonus documentaries titled, “Tom and Jerry…and Chuck” and “Chuck Jones: Memories of a Childhood.” List of the cartoons along with the official package artwork […]

One-Foot Runaway Brain Mickey Toy

Good news: Japanese toy maker Medicom Toy produced this handsome 12″ Mickey Mouse vinyl toy based on the 1995 short Runaway Brain. Bad news: It costs $194 . (Thanks, C.C.)

The Velveteen Rabbit trailer online

Apple hosts a trailer for the upcoming film The Velveteen Rabbit. The feature, a combination of live-action drama and animated adventure, is directed by Michael Landon and features the voices of artists such as Jane Seymour, Tom Skerritt and Ellen Burstyn. The Velveteen Rabbit opens in theatres on February 20.

The Last Screen Song

The cartoon below isn’t very good, but it’s been rarely seen — and that’s usually good enough for me. And it’s somewhat historically important, as it represents the last of a series of animated shorts that began in 1924 by Max Fleischer. Fleischer began sing-along Song Cartunes in 1924 and it was an immediate success. […]

KJFG No. 5

I saw the Hungarian short KJFG No. 5 by Alexei Alexeev at Annecy last year. I didn’t laugh but lots of other people did. Perhaps you’ll laugh too. Brevity does work in its favor even if it’s not chuckle-worthy.

Chuck Jones’ Tom & Jerry

The Chuck Jones Tom & Jerry cartoons of the 1960s are a mixed bag. There are a couple of good ones (I really like The Cat Above, The Mouse Below and The Cat’s Me-Ouch for example) and a whole bunch of mediocre ones. But one thing that most agree is that the films themselves look […]

“Happy Up Here” video by Reuben Sutherland

A visually impressive Space Invaders-themed music video directed by Reuben Sutherland of Joyrider Films for Röyksopp’s new single “Happy Up Here.” At first glance, I thought it was a mix of live and CG, but upon closer examination, it appears to be almost entirely CG. It’s a fun piece in which the visual elements and […]

Evil Toons

Director Fred Olen Ray: “So I’m sitting in this movie theater one day and I’m watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit and I see Jessica Rabbit come on and all the guys are going, ‘Va-va-va-voom, I’d have sex with that,’ and I said, ‘You know, I bet that somebody’d pay money to see a cartoon character […]

DreamWorks Animation income falls 45%

Variety reports that DreamWorks Animation’s latest earnings are reflecting the current revenue dips being experienced by most of the motion picture studios. Added concern for the Broadway musical Shrek and overall DVD sales are among the topics Jeffrey Katzenberg addresses in relation to DWA’s last quarter profit figures.